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Manga Time

  • MangaTime is a mobile app designed for manga lovers. It provides a seamless reading experience for readers by giving them access to a vast collection of manga in one place.

  • The app also offers suggestions based on the user's watchlist and saved manga. MangaTime is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Student Hub

  • Student Hub is a web application to help cater needs of international students.

  • With Student Hub we want to make it simple for the upcoming international students, so that they do not have to go through all the hardships that one faces and if they must face it, they always have someone to help them.

Student hub.jpg

Blue CoLab

  • Our goal was to make people curious about the information related to water in an intriguing and engaging way through interactive kiosks as students are not normally interested in knowing about the water.

  • Designed an immersive display that informs students not just about water quality, but also important information related to water such as local and global news, how consuming bad quality water can affect their health, and a bunch of facts about water.

Home Screen 1.png

Rental App

  • We designed this app to help newly-arrived students quickly find international-student-friendly (ISF) apartment buildings and introduce bilingual brokers to them whom they can easily connect with.

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